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Do you print on boxes?
Yes, this can be done. Please call to discuss with Reynout, our expert in that field.

Are the boxes made from recyclable material?
All our cardboard boxes are made in New Zealand.
The board is made invariably from a combination of virgin paper from renewable resources and recycled paper.
Corrugated cardboard boxes are likely to be utilized again after their first trip. When they finally come to the end of their useful lives, they can be recycled. This means that they go back into the paper stream at paper mills.
In this way we are all working together protecting beautiful products and looking after our environment.
How is the size of a box determined?
The size of a box is defined by the internal measurements in mm;
first, Length; second, Width; and third, Height (as in vertical).
How are the boxes transported?
Boxes are supplied flat for easy transport, storage, and assembly when needed.

Do you have different styles of boxes?
Styles are mostly;
RSC (Regular Slotted Case)
Die cut. Mostly self locking with a hinged lid. Strong and sturdy. No need for gluing. Simple assembly.
What is the availability of the boxes on the website?

The vast majority of boxes are available in large quantities. If not we will keep you going one way or the other. No worries!
Do you have samples of boxes so we can see the sizes?

To make sure that you receive the perfect-fit boxes we will send you a free sample package. Do let us know by phone or e-mail, what it is that you want to pack. We can then select a variety of samples to send you, with some promo material and a personal note and a yummy little surprise! If your address is residential, then we put a sticker on for the courier “if not home, leave on porch or so”.
We love attention to detail!
How do we make payment?
Your boxes will be dispatched as soon as payment is received.
Direct Credit, cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa are all very popular.
For ongoing business the usual credit facilities are available.
Any more questions?
Please e-mail us, or for a good two-way communication, give us a ring!
We are here to help!

Fax:        09-574 0089